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If you feel stuck, lost or doomed to less then desirable lot in life I am happy to share good news. You’re not stuck! No matter what you may be going through know that you have the power to change. There was a time in life I found myself standing in a shattered world with little recognition of who I was. I was unknowingly amidst a tremendous blessing, an answer to prayer, but blinded by my humanness I was unable to see it. Everything that happened to me was for me. Life is always for us. All of it. Even in darkest hour when it seems it cannot possibly be true. It’s the friction that shines the gem. Without my visit to rock bottom and those heartbroken moments, I would have never been drawn inward to discover the most important person in my world. Me! This is true for everyone. If we do not go within we go without. The most important person is ourselves. I don’t mean that in a narcissist manner. I mean it in the most fundamental way of nature. It is everyone’s purpose to discover who they are. If we do not go within and love ourselves unconditionally, we go without. Our inner reality is truly reflected outwardly. A reality filled with unsolved material creates an outer world with ample opportunities to heal. Prior to my perceived shattered world, my life was filled with no self-esteem or self-love. This was reflected with abusive relationships and a run in with drugs. Miracles occurred once I turned inward, surrendered to healing and opened to receiving. Once inward, I learned to walk with courage, loving myself enough to forgive the false truths I had placed on myself and others. Through forgiveness and the healing my negative beliefs, layers of false identity were set free through the doors of my liberation and I fell in love… with me… with life… and beautiful things happened. My inner reality of light was reflected outwardly. I encourage you to go within and love who you are too. Believe in your highest potential and be open to receiving the many blessings that await you. You are adored and loved beyond your wild imagination.